Free Business Plan Feedback

We do everything we can to ensure you succeed.

Our staff will spend time getting to know your business – providing help and advice to make it a success.


Free Business Plan Feedback

All business plans we see are read in detail and applicants get face to face or telephone feedback to help make it a stronger and more realistic plan. This might range from helping them correct a cash-flow to guidance on licences they might need to run their business - this is all provided free of charge.

Post loan Mentoring

Once your business has a loan from us, we will come and see you a few times a year to see how you are doing and check if there is anything we can do to help. We understand the pressures on your time and money – we want you to succeed.

Business ready?

Business hurdles?

If any of our clients are experiencing problems that might need specialist advice (or anticipating they might) they should get in touch as early as possible to discuss how we can help.

Business opportunities?

If you are a client and have sight of great new opportunities but are short of resources please contact us too. DSL would be delighted to help whether directly or navigating you through any public or private-sector help that might be available.

Picture: DSL business support partners at our 15th anniversary event.

Free business advice sources

A wide range of business advice and support is available from different organisations.

Business Gateway

If you are a start up business or think you may need help to grow your business, you should contact your local Business Gateway for free advice and training. You can find out more on the Business Gateway website.

Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise can provide support if your business is growing quickly. Their website will tell you about equity products such as the Scottish Co-investment Fund and how they help Scottish businesses reach markets in places like China and India. See their website for details.


The HMRC website is great for information about calculating tax as well as advice on more general business issues – visit their site for help.

For free HMRC Business support, please click here.

The Office of Fair Trading

The OFT provides some interesting Business Advice, click here to be redirected.


Good information for social enterprises, informative weekly e-mail sent out with all the low-down on what is happening in the sector. They recently produced a guide on Who's Who for social enterprises 2011.

Carbon Trust

0% interest loans for carbon footprint reduction activities and free advice and guidance. Good ways of lowering your overall business energy costs. Visit their site.

The government website has now taken over Business Links and Direct.Gov. Visit this site for more information that may affect you.

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