Baile Estate Agents, Hamilton

Having worked together previously for over 15 years at Lloyds Banking Group, Gayle Adnyana and Sandra Hill had always dreamt of opening their own business so they decided to set up Baile Estate Agents.

“SMF has played a huge part in our journey, if it wasn’t for them Baile wouldn’t be in existence today. Our SMF investment readiness officer, Nicola, was amazing from start to finish. She came out to our office, talked us through the whole process and kept in contact with us on regular basis.

“We’ve been open for six months now, and without the funding from SMF we wouldn’t have be able to continue our marketing which is crucial for ensuring we’re on the right websites such as Zoopla and Rightmove. In the future, we hope to gain more of the market share in the local area, get our name out to more people and really want to use this as a springboard to take us into the next year and beyond”.