Social enterprise business loans: £5,000-£50,000

Are you a non-profit, social enterprise, third sector organisation? DSL could offer you a loan of up to £50,000.

To apply for a loan you will need:

Social enterprise loans from dslWhy do social enterprises borrow from DSL?

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Need help putting your business plan together?

See our templates, which you can use to put your ideas and figures together.

Guidance and support

We provide fair and honest feedback on your business plan – we are there for you after you get your loan too.

Do social enterprises need security for a loan?

DSL wants to ensure we have money to issue loans in the future. This means we have a duty of care to ensure we have a good chance of getting our money back if your social enterprise fails.

We would expect the voting majority of directors to be unpaid and to declare any other benefits they may have.

We do not ask you as a director of the business to be personally financially liable as you will have no personal financial gain (this may be different if you are a shareholder that earns a dividend from the company eg in the case of a CIC – contact us to discuss on 0141 425 2930).

We may ask for:


What is a Social Enterprise?

“An Social Enterprise is a business with primarily social objectives – whose surpluses are primarily reinvested for that purpose in the business – or in the community – rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners”.

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