Message from Executive Director, DSL in relation to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The unprecedented circumstances caused by the worldwide escalation of COVID-19 is now impacting on every part of my life be that family, work, hobbies or whatever and I am in no doubt that you are being similarly affected.  All of us at DSL Business Finance Ltd understand and share these experiences and appreciate what you may be facing in these challenging times, most particularly as a business owner. We too are a privately owned small business and hence able to understand the position.

Despite this we continue to be here for you albeit that following government advice to help protect you and our employees, all DSL team members are now working remotely from their homes. In order to comply with Government guidance on social distancing, all meetings are being conducted on a non- face to face basis using appropriate technology which very often is the good old phone !

We have secure IT infrastructure in place and have enacted our business continuity plan. All our team members are equipped with the tools that should enable to perform their roles remotely. In short – we are open for business; business as usual it is not and it would be wrong of me to claim that but we are certainly open and responsive.

We will naturally need to prioritise some areas of our activities, so we do kindly ask you to take this into consideration with regards to our response time to some enquiries. Ultimately our technology depends upon the robustness of the connectivity and with that under ever increasing stress; we fully expect some connectivity downtime.

The issues arising from COVID-19 will take time to resolve and both the economy and daily life will experience an extended period of interruption before returning to a semblance of normality Nevertheless I have every confidence that in due course both will normalise albeit we are likely to see a “new normal”. Fundamentally, as DSL has done in the past, it will support clients where at all possible in times of difficulty such that jobs and business can be preserved until the position stabilises.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Loan Officer, whose contact details are available on our website by email or phone.

Alternatively email us at and your enquiry will be actioned by the appropriate team member who will contact you as soon as possible; certainly by the close of the next working day.

Finally, do try to stay safe and virus free; we are in uncharted waters but by working together and following guidance we can emerge stronger and well positioned for the future; it just doesn’t perhaps feel very much like that right now.

Yours sincerely,

Stuart M. Yuill FCIBS

Executive Director