Wellwood Guest House, Pitlochry

In November 2015, Peter Mather and his wife bought The Wellwood Guest House in Pitlochry at a time when it was a tired business suffering from a lack of investment. The pair had spent seven months renovating the guest house themselves, but approached DSL for the final funding injection to complete the renovations which would allow them to open.

“Without the funding from the Scottish Microfinance Fund, we wouldn’t have been able to get the business off the ground as easily as we have. We didn’t have to put down a large initial deposit and the loan is flexible for up to five years which allows us to pay it off without penalty. The advice and guidance was excellent from start to finish. We were interviewed by a panel in Glasgow over Skype which was very convenient for us and showed great customer focus.

“Thanks to the SMF, the repair works to the roof meant that we were able to complete the renovations on two of the bedrooms and let those out earlier than planned. The future of The Wellwood Guesthouse is to build on that success. We opened on February 1st 2017 and already have a lot of bookings in for the rest of the year”.